This new consolidation of the latest immigrants into the Taiwan. A job interview-created data

This new Sensation Of the latest Inhabitants Inside TAIWAN Society’s Image of the fresh The newest Inhabitants As to the reasons Taiwanese M dentro de are able to Get married an excellent International Lady Taiwanese Imigration Guidelines as well as their Effect on the organization away from Individual Relationships Organizations The procedure of Set-up Marriages

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A peek Into the Realities Of your own New Society Inside TAIWAN History Away from Questioned Couples Points That FOSTERED New MIGRATION Of new Populace To TAIWAN Combination Products Represented From INTERVIEWEES’ Terms and conditions Implementing Into TAIWANESE Neighborhood DISCRIMINATION STEREOTYPES Cultural Background Societal Appeal And you can Support Self-confident Considering Since A supply of Strength Demands One Societal Specialists Deal with


ANNEXES Annex 1: Transcription, Social Worker-^ting) Annex 2: Transcription, Social Worker- Annex 3: Transcription, Social Worker-,?(yu) Annex 4: Transcription, The New Inhabitants-IM?(a heng) Annex 6: Transcription, The New Inhabitants-^<(a>


Taiwan’s economy started growing in the 1960s with the beginning of industrialization in the country which created a lot of work opportunities for people. As a result, Taiwan became known as one of the Four Asian Tigers “ W ‘J’/l(ya zhou sixiao long)” which include Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Singapore. The event is also known as the Taiwan Economic Miracle“wan jmg ji qi ji) ” which turned Taiwan into one of the most important countries for international trade in the Asia region( < >2017). Therefore, migrants from Southeast Asian countries started coming to Taiwan. According to the Push and Pull theory, Lee stated that “while positive factors are DateUkrainianGirl recenzije the circumstances that act to hold people within it, or attract people from other areas, negative factors tend to repel them” (Lee,1966,p.191). Taiwan’s migration policy could not keep up with the quickly changing situation due to the circumstances of its economic rise. (X^^ ‘ 2000)

Many migrants saw marriage as a chance to come to Taiwan and the only way for them to do this was to go through private agencies. However, these companies only cared about maximizing their profits, and therefore, the effort which was put into finding a suitable partner was very limited. It is usual for female migrants to only meet their future husbands for one to a maximum of three times, before getting ). A Taiwanese man has to pay around NT-, approximately – Euro, to get their “wife”. Through this process of marriage into Taiwan, a system for “commoditised transnational > X 39) was created. The woman who immigrated to Taiwan became known as so-called “mail-order brides ^^^<(you>

About sixties through to the 1990’s, Taiwan’s authorities did not have detailed regulations set up to protect this type of migrants. Personal companies abused which possible opportunity to earnings excessively, instead planning on how the new life in Taiwan was such as for instance into the “mail-acquisition brides”.(X^^ ‘ 2005) In the very beginning of the 1990s, the latest Taiwanese regulators reach lay particular rules on effect to tackle and you can maximum the fresh event. The new Taiwanese rules changed once again when you look at the 2004 in the event that Deputy Minister of the Ministry regarding Studies in public areas denounced these types of transnational marriage ceremonies given that troublesome and recommended this new“ foreign brides” to handle their virility, as his or her children’s bad academic peak would deteriorate the training height of the Taiwanese society. (X^^ ‘ 2000) Just like the 2004, the fresh new Taiwanese regulators attempted to bequeath the duty away from helping these types of in the world )

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